Adelita Grijalva’s 16 year voting record fails to support critical TUSD issues

Support of Teachers

Teachers and support staff at TUSD have long been under-appreciated and under-paid. Proposition 123 funds were approved by voters to give raises to teachers. 301 funds were approved by the legislature to award teacher base and performance pay. “Red-for-Ed” refers to the recent salary increase approved by the State. 

  • Repeatedly supported the use of some or all of the funds intended/ promised for teacher pay raises to other purposes.

    • Statewide teacher bonus package, (7/2006)

    • Proposition 123 funds, (6/2016)

    • “Red-for-Ed” funds, (5/2018)

  • TUSD’s annual 301 teacher performance pay plan that held back millions of dollars that should have been paid to teachers, (6/2015)

  • Voted for years to hire long-term teacher substitutes rather than full-time teachers through contractor ESI at substantial cost (7/2015, 7/2016, 6/2017)  until reversing position (6/2018)

  • Supported policy changes that reduced teachers' due process rights and allowed their immediate termination without review (8/2012, 11/2013)

Support of Students and Curriculum

Advocacy of student achievement is perhaps the most important part of a Board Members performance.

  • For years has consistently opposed hiring more teachers to reduce class sizes (7/2014)

  • Opposed using part of desegregation budget for smaller class sizes and stipends for hard-to-fill teaching positions (3/2018)

  • Consistently voted for the annual approval of TUSD’s general budget, despite the share spent on Instruction being far below and the share spent on Administration far above similar districts, (7/2012 - 2018)


Board Office Operations

Slow posting of minutes eventually led to an Attorney General finding against TUSD.

  • Voted against a policy change requiring faster posting of minutes, (10/2014)

  • Consistently opposes efforts to reform or reduce costs in the board office (4/2010, 1/2018)


Disciplinary Policies

Discipline in TUSD schools has long been troubling.

  • Voted many times to weaken disciplinary codes or failed to support stricter disciplinary codes, (8/2013, 11/2013, 10/2014, 7/2015, 5/2017) 

Spending for Questionable Expenses

With tight budgets extravagant spending is not acceptable.

  • Supported spending $ million to hold a rushed and premature and off-year bond election, when defeat was almost certain (bond failed with a 59% No vote), (6/2017)

  • Repeatedly supported expensive consulting and marketing contracts, including:

    • To the Gordley Group to promote TUSD ($300,000), (6/2013)  

    • To hire a consultant to rewrite the discipline code ($35,000, the results were scrapped), (11/2015)

    • To NBC/KVOA (sole source) to advertise for TUSD ($725,000), (4/2016)

  • Consistently voted to fund out-of-state board member travel, (2009 - 20016, 1/2017)

Academic Curriculum and Standards

Curriculum and standards are the framework for teaching our students and measuring their achievement.

  • Opposed resolution that 8th grade promotion to high school should be based on attainment of recognized academic standards, (1/2012)

Mismanagement of Desegregation

TUSD has been under federal desegregation orders since 1974. Adelita as a member and several times, President of the Board, has been a very weak leader and, in some cases, has caused confusion and delays in satisfying Court Orders.

  • Regarding the Court Orders in 2013, Adelita and Superintendent Sanchez mislead parents in several schools about the Orders and what “desegregation” meant. As President of TUSD’s Board, Adelita helped negotiate and had signed the Desegregation Order. Yet she and Sanchez pretended that the Order was issued independently by the Court and imposed on TUSD. They urged parents to write to Judge Bury to complain. And they said the loss of magnet status at Cholla, Ochoa, Holiday, Utterback and several other schools was due to the Court’s decision. Yet it was TUSD’s lack of financial and administrative support, including the failure to fill teacher vacancies, that caused the loss of magnet status! Then Adelita and Sanchez staged a bogus event where they “invited” the Court to a neighborhood meeting to explain themselves. It was a joke.

  • On November 19, 2015, Judge Bury admonished Board president Adelita Grijalva and the administration’s apparent effort to disseminate misinformation:

  • “Because of the highly visible nature of the magnet schools, the Court has received large numbers of letters from concerned citizens. These letters reflect a great amount of misunderstanding by the public regarding the changes underway to TUSD’s magnet program.”

Auditing TUSD’s Financial Transactions

TUSD has a highly mixed record for transparency and compliance with regulations. 

  • Supported weaker conflict-of-interest standards on the audit committee after it was revealed that several members had impermissible conflicts of interest, and later opposed return to the previous standards.    
    • Voted to approve weaker standards, (2/2016)
    • Opposed return to stronger standards,  (1/2017)

  • Supported a retroactive residency requirement that forced two non-conflicted members off the audit committee (3/2015) and opposed removal of this requirement (1/2017)

  • Opposed appointing an internal auditor, for years (1/2015) until finally supporting the appointment of the person selected 

  • Opposed rebidding the external auditor contract, though the existing firm had been engaged for 25+ years against best practices (10/2017)


Selecting the District Superintendent is one of the most important functions of the Board 

  • Has been part of selecting 7 superintendents in her 16 years on the Board.  This is a high turnover rate. 

  • Voted to make HT Sanchez the sole finalist in superintendent search (6/2013)  

  • Voted for a major pay raise for Sanchez ($30,000 in 2014-15 and $75,000 in 2015-16 which she characterized as “minor”), raising his total compensation to over $400,000 (June 2015). At the meeting she invited Sanchez to take a victory lap through the “love tunnel” of supporters during the Board meeting. 


Hiring of friends and relatives of Board members and top administrators has long been a concern at TUSD.

  • Abstained without warning or explanation from vote to appoint her mother-in-law as a principal, acknowledging the relationship only after media inquiries (6/2014)



No 5th Term - Adelita