No 5th Term - Adelita

4 terms and 16 years on Adelita's watch and what does TUSD have to show for it?  20 closed schools, the loss of approximately 15,000 students, overcrowded classrooms, teachers underpaid, disruptive students in classrooms, administrative bloat.  And the list just keeps growing.  Can the district really afford another 4 years?  NO 5th TERM

District Issues

  • Supporting teachers
  • Student achievement
  • Declining enrollment
  • School closings
  • Board civility and professionalism
  • School site safety
  • HR hiring practices and "black lists"
  • High administrative cost
  • Budget deficits
  • Misspent DESEG monies
  • Hoarding of PROP 301 monies
  • Misspent PROP 123 monies
  • Loss of magnet schools
  • Outsourcing
  • Central mismanagement
  • Grade changing scandal
  • Classroom discipline
  • Campaign finance violations
  • Nepotism

No 5th Term